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Lani Garden

​Beginner's Guide!

Welcome to Lani Garden! !!
We also accept trial lessons in your favorite scenes, including regular ZOOM classrooms. Twenty instructors will bring you the joy of yoga.
From the reception desk ...

10 Recommended Yoga Studios in Ginza | Introduced as a studio that even beginners can easily go to! !!

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   Lesson program

 The yoga


"Asana (exercise)" loosens the stiff body, "Pranayama (breathing)" is adjusted, the lungs and diaphragm are used firmly to approach the internal organs, blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced, and the body is comfortable with a well-organized body. Sit down, breathe gently and perform "dyana" (meditation) to relieve tension and stress in the body and mind and bring harmony to the body and mind.


Gentle senior yoga


With a small number of people, each movement is carefully and carefully moved, strengthening muscles and joints, improving physical strength, supporting health promotion, preventing lifestyle-related diseases, relieving anxiety and loneliness. It also helps to improve the quality of life and  support the building of a body that allows you to spend active and comfortable days.

Maternity Yoga


Relieves symptoms such as body weight, low back pain, and swelling that are likely to occur during pregnancy, and moves around the pelvis to help in childbirth.
It is expected to have a healing effect that calms breathing, meditates, and relaxes anxiety and anxiety.
You can participate after 16 weeks of pregnancy with the consent of your doctor.


 Adjusts the postpartum yoga


pelvis to help eliminate postpartum fatness and swelling, eliminate neck and shoulder stiffness due to child rearing, and relieve back pain. You can participate with children up to 2 years old.
After 2 months after giving birth, those who have made good progress and obtained the consent of their doctor can participate.



Exercise aimed at building strong and supple muscles without straining the body.
Being aware of the deep muscles, especially around the abdomen,
The emphasis is on adjusting the distortion and bias of the skeleton such as the pelvis, spine, and scapula to the correct position, and by guiding it to the correct posture, it helps to build a body that is less likely to get injured.


aerobic exercise

Exercise that continuously puts a light to moderate burden, burns fat, which is the energy to move muscles using oxygen, burns body fat,
It can be expected to have effects such as body make-up, improvement of physical strength and endurance, stress relief, and relief of high blood pressure.



Use soft balls and stretch poles to release stiff muscles and fascia to relieve fatigue and widen the range of motion of muscles and joints to prepare the body for easy movement.
There are no difficult movements and anyone can participate with confidence.
Those who are stiff and uneasy to start yoga or Pilates, those who are not confident in their physical strength and who are resistant to aerobic exercise, etc., first let's relieve the accumulated fatigue.

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