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 Lani Garden


          About infection prevention measures for new coronavirus

<Hygiene management in the studio> 

                               ・ Installation of air purifier 

                                                          ・ Open windows for each lesson to ventilate and disinfect the studio.

<Efforts during the lesson>   

                               ・ The instructor will thoroughly wash hands, disinfect hands, and wear a mask before the lesson.
                               ・ Adjustments will be canceled in principle.
                               ・ The used mats and props will be disinfected.
<Request for cooperation from customers> 

                                                         ・ Please cooperate with body temperature measurement and hand sanitizer when you come to the store.
                               ・ Please cooperate in wearing the mask during the lesson.
                               ・ Please refrain from chatting especially when you are removing the mask.

                                                         ・ If you have any anxiety about your physical condition such as cold symptoms, cough, fever, fatigue, etc.

                                                             If you live with or have a possibility of infection, please refrain from visiting the store or attending lessons.                                  

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